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Alkaline Trio


For 15 years Alkaline Trio have been rocking the timeless albums, morbid lyrics and the success of being a true punk rock band with a gothic edge. With dedicated fans stretching from the beginning years to recent times, there hasn't been much change for the trio, formed of Matt Skiba, Derek Gran and Dan Andirano. Thrusty chords and crowd sing-a-longs are no doubt what Alkaline Trio have persisted to pull through for so many years yet deep down, they have never grown up.
O2 Islington Academy celebrated its 10th birthday party in style, as to 10 years to the day Alkaline Trio performed on the same stage to open the birth of the academy. The show starts with the crowd roaring "TRIO! TRIO! TRIO!" Until all members wave themselves on stage, sipping on beer, Matt giving a bow, and bursting straight into "Private Eye." The crowd are overwhelmed. You could see and sea of black clothing and tattoos swaying, enjoying every moment. The first few songs are drowned out by the crowd, even Dan's clear vocals are hard to hear over the crowds voices which sound so dedicated. Timeless classics from the trio are performed such as "Nose Over Tail" and "Crawl" with a mix of song from the new album "My Shame Is True" including "I'm Only Here To Disappoint" and "Young Lovers" for the newbys. "I Wanna Be A Warhol" sounded huge as it was clear everybody in the crowd new the lyrics, the sound took your breath away. It was easy to see that a lot of the fan base in the audience were new due to older, original songs from the trio such as "97" left the crowd in a state of 40/60 to who new what the hell was going on. But fuck the small silences and smaller headbangs. The crowd were pumped, charmed and excited. The show finished with the all time classic, "Radio" with the sea of punk rock screaming from the top of their lungs, "IVE GOT A BIG FAT FUCKING BONE TO PICK, WITH YOU MY DARLING!" Everyone lungs clearly burst with happiness for Alkaline Trio that night.

By Emma-Marie Whittenham

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