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Big hair, denim and spandex were the order of the day… Steel Panther were recently in town and it was a chance to re-live our (very young) teens. As we walked in and secured our viewing space, we noticed that there had not been such a big turn out for an 80's hair band of this calibre (recent Motley tour being the exception) for a very long time. A sea of long hair and bandanas filled the venue, the only drawback was that 90% of these were wigs! Once upon a time, it would have been for real. However, one thing we'll say is that Steel does seem to have mass appeal. Different people of all ages came out of the woodwork for this one. From the young donning their 'first leopard print', to seasoned metal heads who had obviously had a root around in their cupboards for original items!

As soon as the band started, the place went nuts and straight away nearly everybody sang all the words, just like in 'the old days'… Our only criticism was that we felt that the banter between songs went on just a little too long. If they didn't have enough songs, then a few more rock covers thrown in alongside their version of 'Panama', by Van Halen would have gone down a treat. Down get us wrong, we're not complaining about the chat, or even rude content of it (after all that's what Midnight Dynamite is all about), it's just that what seemed like 10mins of waffle after EACH song it started to feel like a rude scripted, American 'Two Ronnies' show. Just our humble opinion.

All in all… Steel Panther: Hit or miss? Definitely a hit, but see them while you have the chance. Whilst being great laugh, we suspect the novelty will eventually wear out (similar to Lordi) and thus the Panther might only have a limited shelf life! If like us you feel the banter in between songs gets a bit too long winded then a bit of Great British heckling "Get on with it!" may go along way… Alternatively just bring a good book or game of monopoly…

Steel Panther's 'send up' of 80 hair metal allows those from a yester-year to re-live the glory days of 80's cock-rock, hair metal and those too young to have been around at the time (or as Steel Panther might say "Those that were just a splash of cum in their mother's vagina") a taste of what it was like back in the day. Therefore, we can excuse the odd use of a backing tape at times and sometimes trying a little too hard to be rude and outrageous.

Probably the funniest spoof act since Spinal Tap.
Sleazy H & Mark

Photos kindly donated by CC, Midnight Dynamite supporter since 2001!

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